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VirtualBox’s “Seemless” Mode

by on Mar.14, 2009, under Technology

VirtualBox has a “seemless” mode.  In the scap I have my Windows XP and Ubuntu VM’s running.  You’ll notice my Windows Vista start bar at the bottom, and right above that the Windows XP start bar from the virtual machine.  Across the top is the Ubuntu “start bar”.

The wallpaper and desktop icons are from the Vista machine, and there’s three calculators open–one from Windows XP, one from Windows Vista and one from Ubuntu.  I’ve also got 3 file manager windows open too.

Pretty neat, huh?


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by on Dec.11, 2008, under Technology

I’ve been a real fan of virtual machining since first using VMWare almost a decade ago.  As a software engineer, I found VMs great for testing applications on fresh installs of Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000 (hey, I said it was almost a decade ago).

At the time, I merely used it for that purpose but since computers these days have much more powerful CPUs and more RAM than you can shake a stick at, the potential uses have grown.  I really only seem to use it for testing out new OSs–without having to actually install it over the one on my computer.

In the past I’ve used Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007, which is available as a free download from Microsoft.  In recent months however I’ve become a big fan of VirtualBox, another free virtual machine emulator but released by Sun Microsystems.  Unlike Virtual PC, this application has the “save-state” feature I really liked in VMware, but unlike VMWare it doesn’t cost $200.  I primarily run Linux OSs in VM on a computer running Vista Ultimate x64 and I seem to think the performance is better with VirtualBox than Virtual PC 2007–but I haven’t done any benchmarking to prove that.

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