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Back at Work

by on Jan.06, 2009, under Work

Both me–and my wife–have survived my two-week unpaid forced vacation.  For being off from work for so long, I remained surprisingly busy.  I did manage to spend some quality time with the couch and television through.

Ahead of my vacation I had planned to make up a list of all the stuff I wanted to get done over the break.  I came up with a fair sized list, however only managed to get half of it done.

Here’s the stuff I did:

  1. Caught up on my favorite TV shows: Heroes and Prison Break.
  2. Watched the first season of True Blood with my wife.
  3. Started watching Six Feet Under with my wife.
  4. Switched to Comcast Digital Voice.
  5. Re-activated my World of Warcraft account.
  6. Started playing Grand Theft Auto: IV.
  7. Installed handles and knobs on the drawers and doors in the kitchen.
  8. Almost cleaned my office.
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I Wanna Write a Program

by on Dec.11, 2008, under Programming

During my two-week unpaid forced vacation, I want to write an application or create a website but don’t know what programming language to do it in or what I want it to do…any ideas?

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Facebook Knows What I’m Thinking

by on Dec.09, 2008, under Random Stuff

I just posted this comment to my Facebook:

… is asking the Facebook community what he should do with his two-week unpaid forced vacation.

After the AJAX updated, I see this in the sidebar:


…earlier today I jokingly told a friend I was going to watch the entire original Star Trek series during my two-week unpaid forced vacation–COINCIDENCE?!…I think not.

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