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Best Service for Fast Image Sharing? – Lifehacker

by on May.20, 2011, under Other Posts

No vote (all I’ve used seem the same to me)

On my Android phone I like geotagging all my photos, but I’d like a photo sharing service that strips this out. More than once I’ve forgotten to turn off GPS before taking a picture at my house, posted it to Twitpic or yfrog and shared my address with world.

via Best Service for Fast Image Sharing? – Lifehacker.

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GPS Location in Photos

by on Oct.12, 2010, under Technology

Shafer Corn Maze, October 2010 - Viewed in Picasa

I’ve turned on “Store Location” in the camera settings of my Android phone.  It seems like a neat idea: be able to keep track which restaurant a friend’s birthday was at, or that great place we sat for fireworks last Fourth of July.

I guess it didn’t initially occur to me the privacy implications of sharing these pictures on some social media websites.  I tested out the availability of the location information on photos shared on Facebook and Twitter (via TwitPic).  These services both have some kind of resizing action performed on them which strips out this (and other) metadata from the file.  Tumblr however is one I’ve discovered which doesn’t do anything to the photo.

On the one hand this is good: you get to have your high-res photos unaltered on your Tumblr blog, and possibly you could update your theme to use this data some how.  For the average user however, this could be an easy way for someone to find out where you live.

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