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It’s not spam; it’s “art”

by on Mar.15, 2009, under AIM FishBot Experiences, Technology

Recently I’ve had two posts titled “Spammer” (here and here).  In both cases I was sitting at my computer working when I suddenly was IMed by someone I’d never heard of before.

As s note, I use the multi-protocol IM client Pidgin, so I’m connected to 15 chat accounts at the same time (it’s really great, even does IRC, MySpace IM and Facebook chat through a plugin).

Anyway, both chats were completely random-sounding message so I assumed it was a bot or spammer.  The second time this happened I had a couple of minutes, so I thought I would see how smart this bot was–or if it was an actually person, hopefully verbally abuse them into leaving me alone.

In the course of my rantings I found out it was a real person and was not a spammer (at least in the come-visit-my-sexy-site sense of the word).  For more information, check this blog post or go here to sign up.

Here’s an abbreviated and highly-cleansed chat log of my encounter:

Conversation with nastycoho on 3/13/2009 11:13 PM:
NastyCoho: I IMed you first. If I deny this later, I’m lying.
SLeepdepD: i’m wearing women’s underware
NastyCoho: Sexy.  So am I, but I’m a woman.
SLeepdepD: stfu
NastyCoho: No.
SLeepdepD: how smart a bot are you?
NastyCoho: Pretty smart.
SLeepdepD: where do you live?
SLeepdepD: i’ve got these new bolt cutters i want to try out; my old ones were getting “dull”
SLeepdepD: 20 questions:
NastyCoho: Okay!
SLeepdepD: do you know me in RL?
NastyCoho: I don’ know.  I think I don’t.
SLeepdepD: 2) do you work with computers?
NastyCoho: No.

(…15 highly offensive questions later…)

SLeepdepD: 18) are you going to continue chatting me random phrases every few days?
NastyCoho: I can’t.  we’re randomly connected through this fishing service that makes my screen name into the coho one and yours as well.
SLeepdepD: really?
NastyCoho: It’s supposed to be art.  I’m not a bot.
NastyCoho: Yes.
NastyCoho: Google: fishingbot.
NastyCoho: Nice to know I’m smarter than you.
SLeepdepD: whoa…i didn’t know that.  i thought you were the same jerk that’s been chatting me
SLeepdepD: huh
SLeepdepD: well now i’m a little embarrassed
SLeepdepD: i’m sorry to have been so rude
NastyCoho: Haha, it’s okay.
NastyCoho: You’re the first person who ever responded when the bot got me, it’s kinda fun.
SLeepdepD: what’s the url for this?
NastyCoho: I don’t know, I just googled the SN once and found the information.
NastyCoho: They get the names off of livejournal, I hear.
SLeepdepD: i don’t believe you.
SLeepdepD: i don’t get it
SLeepdepD: what’s the point?
NastyCoho: there is no point, it’s so two random people can talk to each other.  it’s art.
SLeepdepD: you liberal
NastyCoho: Eh, it’s kinda fun.
SLeepdepD: i guess
SLeepdepD: do you know my real screen name?
NastyCoho: Nope.
NastyCoho: If you type it as one word I won’t be able to see it.
SLeepdepD: interesting…
SLeepdepD: i had no idea this is a “thing”…i thought you were this “coho” asshole that kept bothering me

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