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Google Wave: First Thoughts

by on Oct.06, 2009, under Technology

I received my invite for Google Wave last Wednesday and have spent several days playing with it.

Its features can be read about elsewhere (I found this Lifehacker article particularly helpful).  In short I’ll say revolutionizing Internet communication is a lofty goal–even for Google.  That being said, I do see potential and look forward to checking it out more.

Mostly I’ve been stupefied by the attention it’s gotten–particularly by those who’ve used it as a new trendy topic to attach their spam to.  Never have I seen so many people desperately littering their raw, uncloaked email address all over the Internet in hopes of some random person sending them one of their 8 “nominations” (technically, they’re not invites)–especially when that random person could try and sell it on eBay.

In less than a week Google Wave has been tremendously successful in its goal as a new communication medium.

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It’s not spam; it’s “art”

by on Mar.15, 2009, under AIM FishBot Experiences, Technology

Recently I’ve had two posts titled “Spammer” (here and here).  In both cases I was sitting at my computer working when I suddenly was IMed by someone I’d never heard of before.

As s note, I use the multi-protocol IM client Pidgin, so I’m connected to 15 chat accounts at the same time (it’s really great, even does IRC, MySpace IM and Facebook chat through a plugin).

Anyway, both chats were completely random-sounding message so I assumed it was a bot or spammer.  The second time this happened I had a couple of minutes, so I thought I would see how smart this bot was–or if it was an actually person, hopefully verbally abuse them into leaving me alone.

In the course of my rantings I found out it was a real person and was not a spammer (at least in the come-visit-my-sexy-site sense of the word).  For more information, check this blog post or go here to sign up.

Here’s an abbreviated and highly-cleansed chat log of my encounter:

Conversation with nastycoho on 3/13/2009 11:13 PM:
NastyCoho: I IMed you first. If I deny this later, I’m lying.
SLeepdepD: i’m wearing women’s underware
NastyCoho: Sexy.  So am I, but I’m a woman.
SLeepdepD: stfu
NastyCoho: No.
SLeepdepD: how smart a bot are you?
NastyCoho: Pretty smart.
SLeepdepD: where do you live?
SLeepdepD: i’ve got these new bolt cutters i want to try out; my old ones were getting “dull”
SLeepdepD: 20 questions:
NastyCoho: Okay!
SLeepdepD: do you know me in RL?
NastyCoho: I don’ know.  I think I don’t.
SLeepdepD: 2) do you work with computers?
NastyCoho: No.

(…15 highly offensive questions later…)

SLeepdepD: 18) are you going to continue chatting me random phrases every few days?
NastyCoho: I can’t.  we’re randomly connected through this fishing service that makes my screen name into the coho one and yours as well.
SLeepdepD: really?
NastyCoho: It’s supposed to be art.  I’m not a bot.
NastyCoho: Yes.
NastyCoho: Google: fishingbot.
NastyCoho: Nice to know I’m smarter than you.
SLeepdepD: whoa…i didn’t know that.  i thought you were the same jerk that’s been chatting me
SLeepdepD: huh
SLeepdepD: well now i’m a little embarrassed
SLeepdepD: i’m sorry to have been so rude
NastyCoho: Haha, it’s okay.
NastyCoho: You’re the first person who ever responded when the bot got me, it’s kinda fun.
SLeepdepD: what’s the url for this?
NastyCoho: I don’t know, I just googled the SN once and found the information.
NastyCoho: They get the names off of livejournal, I hear.
SLeepdepD: i don’t believe you.
SLeepdepD: i don’t get it
SLeepdepD: what’s the point?
NastyCoho: there is no point, it’s so two random people can talk to each other.  it’s art.
SLeepdepD: you liberal
NastyCoho: Eh, it’s kinda fun.
SLeepdepD: i guess
SLeepdepD: do you know my real screen name?
NastyCoho: Nope.
NastyCoho: If you type it as one word I won’t be able to see it.
SLeepdepD: interesting…
SLeepdepD: i had no idea this is a “thing”…i thought you were this “coho” asshole that kept bothering me

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