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SongBird: Day 3

by on Dec.05, 2008, under Technology

I’ve been using SongBird for 3 days now and really like it.

Since it’s built upon the same Mozilla framework that Firefox is, we’ve just started seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as extensions go.  Already there’s extensions for iPod support, and SHOUTcast Radio integration–even one to see lyrics for the currently playing track.  Some of these features we’ve seen before with Amarok, but it’s still not officially supported in Windows.

I’m still using iTunes at home for managing my library and syncing my iPod, but I’ve been using SongBird at work for listening to the songs on my iPod.  This works really slick, allowing me to conserve my battery and more easily work on rating my tracks–which is a never ending process.

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Using the Rating System in iTunes to Prune Hated Tracks

by on Dec.05, 2008, under How I Bastardize Stuff

Do you really need 5 stars to rate anything?  Maybe I’m too all-or-nothing, but either I like something, I really like something, or I don’t like it at all.

I have an iPod and use iTunes (although I’ve been using SongBird a lot more lately).   I’ve been using those extraneous stars to wade through the 7,000+ tracks in my library and get rid of the stuff I don’t want to hear.

Ever download a CD for a wife, nephew or niece–something you would never listen to?  …maybe it was even a compilication, which has now has entwined itself within your folder structure beyond repair?  Or maybe you really like a single song by an artists so you download their own discography in hopes there will be more music you like?  …This is what I do to get rid of them:

  • Star = Delete every things from this artist.
  • StarStar = Uncheck track in iTunes, removing it from play rotation.
  • StarStarStar = I like it.
  • StarStarStarStar = I really like it.
  • StarStarStarStarStar = Com’mon, nothing is really worth 5 stars.
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SongBird 1.0

by on Dec.02, 2008, under Technology

I just downloaded and installed SongBird, the newest open-source music player/iTunes replacement.  I haven’t tried any of the iPod integration yet, but immediately I noticed its integration with SHOUTCAST is a lot better than WinAmp’s (two technologies I’ve subscribed to).

Visually, SongBird looks a lot like iTunes (I might even say it’s a reverse engineering of the GUI).  It supports extensions too like Firefox.

Check it out…while you still can–before they get a cease-and-desist from Apple’s attorneys.

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