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Like Comparing 4020′s to 3107′s

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Fortified With Vitamins and Sticker Glue

Fortified With Vitamins and Sticker Glue

For my Composition I class the instructor is having us read the book The Omnivoire’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  I’m normally not much of a book reader–preferring rather to curl up on the couch with a warm laptop–but seeing as it’s required to pass the class, I’ve been giving it a try.  To clarify, when I say “giving it a try,” I mean I read the book until I got about two hundred pages behind everyone else in class and ended up buying the audiobook from iTunes for $17 so I could listen to it in the car.

Were I a reader–you know, someone in an old oversized winged-armchair flanked by floor-to-ceiling stretching bookcases, I think I would really like this book.

Pollan more or less travels across the country visiting different components of the different faces that make up our modern food system.  From industrial farms (if they can really be called “farms”) to the organic and “organic” (the latter being those that claim organicality, but really have more in common with the industrial than the natural.)

Pollan does a lot of research and investigation, so much so that almost every encounter I’ve had with food since starting the book has been full of paranoia and guilt.

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