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Google Wave: First Thoughts

by on Oct.06, 2009, under Technology

I received my invite for Google Wave last Wednesday and have spent several days playing with it.

Its features can be read about elsewhere (I found this Lifehacker article particularly helpful).  In short I’ll say revolutionizing Internet communication is a lofty goal–even for Google.  That being said, I do see potential and look forward to checking it out more.

Mostly I’ve been stupefied by the attention it’s gotten–particularly by those who’ve used it as a new trendy topic to attach their spam to.  Never have I seen so many people desperately littering their raw, uncloaked email address all over the Internet in hopes of some random person sending them one of their 8 “nominations” (technically, they’re not invites)–especially when that random person could try and sell it on eBay.

In less than a week Google Wave has been tremendously successful in its goal as a new communication medium.

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Using Windows Live Writer

by on Jun.23, 2009, under Technology

I just read a post on Lifehacker called “Top 10 Tools for Your Blog or Web Site”.  One of the suggestions is to use Windows Live Writer for posting.

I’d used Windows Live Writer before, when I hosted my own blog, but always figured with the free account, the functionality would be disabled.

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Switching from AI RoboForm to LastPass

by on Mar.15, 2009, under Technology

After seeing another Lifehacker post about LastPass, I’ve decided to switch my password management program of choice from AI RoboForm to LastPass.

My new netbook runs a Linux distribution and AI RoboForm doesn’t have a Linux version (and apparently never will).  I did find a work around to run AI RoboForm on Linux, but I couldn’t get it working.  In the poster’s defense, my netbook goes to the HP Linux repositories so that might have caused the problems I encountered.

I’ve been using AI RoboForm for a few years (and will still be using it for the passwords I’m not comfortable with being stored out in the cloud), but LastPass has all the same features–for free.  It’s still in beta, but I haven’t ran into any problems yet.

KeePass is another solution that was recommended to me by more than one person, but when it came time to make the switch I chose LastPass because of it could import all my AI RoboForm objects (LastPass supports importation from other password managers as well).

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Comcast Intermittent Connectivity Issues

by on Dec.15, 2008, under Technology

Scap from Axence Free NetTools

Scap from Axence Free NetTools

I’ve been experiencing some …<timeout><timeout><timeout><55ms><52ms>… intermittent connectivity issues for the last few days.  I just called Comcast about it and a surprisingly helpful and articulate “customer account executive” suggested it may be that my 3+ year old cable modem is going out.  I figured stopping in at my local Comcast for a replacement is worth a try.

Out of the experience (and thanks to I have learned about Axence Free NetTools which is a awesome suite of tools for obsessing over your bandwidth and QoS.

UPDATE (2006-12-17 12:09 AM): Looks like a replacement cable modem fixed the problem.

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[ARTICLE] FoxGLove Standalone Google Apps Portal

by on Nov.24, 2008, under Technology


Crafty Firefox user Alex customized his own Firefox Portable installation to tightly integrate with Google Apps. He calls his creation “FoxGLove,” and uses it as his own Google-powered productivity portal instead of Microsoft Outlook. Along with his pick of add-ons that enhance and integrate Google Apps in Firefox, Alex tricked out this portable Firefox version with a Chrome-like theme, custom homepages (that auto-load in tabs), web site favicons, and even slapped the FoxGLove name and icon onto the whole shebang. Best part? You can download and try it out right now without disturbing your current Firefox setup.

I just download FoxGLove and I’m in love!  This is awesome and something I completely should have thought of and put together myself.

The only change I’ve made is to have the default Home Pages (yes, Home Pages: I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know one could specify a pipe-delimited list of websites to load when Firefox opens) to include my blog, Facebook, and a couple other social sites I want to make sure I keep an eye on.

Check it out! — Download

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