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Someone help me with this pop up screen i keep getting

by on Mar.13, 2013, under Other Posts

I was getting this too.   I uninstalled the updates since I cant uninstall the whole app, I just did the updates and Im no longer getting the message.

Incidentally I uninstalled all updates for the bloatware apps I never use–Backup Assistant Plus, Blockbuster for HTC, NFL Mobile, Slacker Radio, Verizon Tones, and VZ Navigator. My phone seems to be running faster and saves me ~32 MB of internal storage. The only update I do have is for My Verizon Mobile because the update is actually smaller than the stock version.

If you do this dont forget to uncheck Allow automatic updating for these apps, if you have it checked.

It sucks having all the updates listed in my Play Store and not being able to use Update All, but I usually install the updates from the web anyway.

via Someone help me with this pop up screen i keep getting.

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General Really torn: Charge or Dinc 2? – Android Forums

by on Jul.18, 2011, under Other Posts

I just went from the Motorola Droid 1 to the DInc 2 last week, but considered both the Thunderbolt and Charge. Also my wife has the Samsung Fascinate.

I thought about the Charge and 4G in general but ultimately decided to turn it down. Although faster Internet would be nice a comment I saw summed it up nicely for me “batteries aren’t ready for 4G”. Maybe not entirely accurate, but from all I’ve read it seems like the phones switch back and forth between the 3G and 4G radios all day depending on quality of signal which results in short battery life (people are talking as low as 4-6 hours depending on usage). Some people can deal with that, with my Droid 1 I was used to plugging the phone in via USB around lunch everyday because my battery was old. Perhaps waiting for the second generation 4G phones might be wiser. Constantly dealing with a short battery life doesn’t seem a fair trade for the benefit faster web browsing when you need it.

There are only 2 – 4G phones on Verizon–doesn’t seem like much choice there.

To speak the question of the Samsung Charge, somewhat referencing the Samsung Fascinate my wife has: I personally didn’t like the TouchWiz interface. I found the color scheme ugly on the Charge. We waited for months and months for Samsung/Verizon to release an update. Personally what turned me off to the Charge, although perhaps minor: no notification LED. If your phone is sitting on the desk or bedside and you have a text or email there’s no blinking light to let you know. Not sure what the thought process was there.

via General Really torn: Charge or Dinc 2? – Android Forums.

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