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Who Cares About IE 8?

by on Mar.19, 2009, under Technology

In honor of the release of Internet Explorer 8, I’ve updated my list of Mozilla Firefox extensions I like.

The list can be found here: Firefox Extensions I Use

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SongBird: Day 3

by on Dec.05, 2008, under Technology

I’ve been using SongBird for 3 days now and really like it.

Since it’s built upon the same Mozilla framework that Firefox is, we’ve just started seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as extensions go.  Already there’s extensions for iPod support, and SHOUTcast Radio integration–even one to see lyrics for the currently playing track.  Some of these features we’ve seen before with Amarok, but it’s still not officially supported in Windows.

I’m still using iTunes at home for managing my library and syncing my iPod, but I’ve been using SongBird at work for listening to the songs on my iPod.  This works really slick, allowing me to conserve my battery and more easily work on rating my tracks–which is a never ending process.

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[ARTICLE] FoxGLove Standalone Google Apps Portal

by on Nov.24, 2008, under Technology


Crafty Firefox user Alex customized his own Firefox Portable installation to tightly integrate with Google Apps. He calls his creation “FoxGLove,” and uses it as his own Google-powered productivity portal instead of Microsoft Outlook. Along with his pick of add-ons that enhance and integrate Google Apps in Firefox, Alex tricked out this portable Firefox version with a Chrome-like theme, custom homepages (that auto-load in tabs), web site favicons, and even slapped the FoxGLove name and icon onto the whole shebang. Best part? You can download and try it out right now without disturbing your current Firefox setup.

I just download FoxGLove and I’m in love!  This is awesome and something I completely should have thought of and put together myself.

The only change I’ve made is to have the default Home Pages (yes, Home Pages: I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t know one could specify a pipe-delimited list of websites to load when Firefox opens) to include my blog, Facebook, and a couple other social sites I want to make sure I keep an eye on.

Check it out! — Download

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