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Less Random Traffic On Own Domain

by on Dec.26, 2008, under Blog Related, Technology

I’m torn between running a blog on or running a WordPress blog on a domain I have through

I like that with hosting my own WordPress blog I can use plugins, themes, and get into the PHP code–all features disabled on (however you can increase some of your abilities through a subscription fee).

I migrated my blog to my own domain and I’ve been noticing less random traffic.  I guess that must be one of the benefits to being under the umbrella.  Further, the only type of traffic I seem to get on my own domain leaves comments like this:


[UPDATE @ 12/26/2008 8:36PM]: Here is a helpful comparison of what the “com” vs. “org” flavors of WordPress has to offer.

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How I Bastardize Stuff

by on Dec.04, 2008, under Blog Related, How I Bastardize Stuff

I’m introducing a new category called “How I Bastardize Stuff”.

Bastardization is a programming term; unable to find a definition for it in this context, I will attempt to define my own.

bas’tard·i·za’tion (-t?r-di-za’sh?n) n.

    1. To use something for other than its intended purpose.
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