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by on Dec.04, 2008, under Blog Related, How I Bastardize Stuff

I’m introducing a new category called “How I Bastardize Stuff”.

Bastardization is a programming term; unable to find a definition for it in this context, I will attempt to define my own.

bas’tard·i·za’tion (-t?r-di-za’sh?n) n.

    1. To use something for other than its intended purpose.
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    by on Dec.04, 2008, under Random Stuff

    For any e-mail list I’ve subscribed to: once I get an e-mail like this, it’s time to unsubscribe:


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    Randy Gardner

    by on Dec.02, 2008, under Random Stuff

    Randy Gardner (born 1946) holds the scientifically documented record for the longest period of time a human being has intentionally gone without sleep not using stimulants of any kind. In 1964—as a 17-year-old high school student in San Diego, California—Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours (eleven days even)…

    …Lt. Cmdr. John J. Ross who monitored his health reported serious cognitive and behavioral changes. These included moodiness, problems with concentration and short term memory, paranoia, and hallucinations. On the fourth day he had a delusion that he was Paul Lowe winning the Rose Bowl, and that a street sign was a person. On the eleventh day, when he was asked to subtract seven repeatedly, starting with 100, he stopped at 65. When asked why he had stopped, he replied that he had forgotten what he was doing.

    …the 1981 Guinness record is 449 hours (18 days, 17 hours) by Maureen Weston, of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in April, 1977, in a rocking-chair marathon.

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    All Nighter

    by on Dec.01, 2008, under Random Stuff

    I pulled another all-nighter last night…  I was working on a couple of school assignments, but I also working on work stuff and catching up on Life on Mars.  I’ve watched six episodes of the show now and still don’t know if I like it or not.  How many episodes of a series does one need to watch to determine if they like it or not?  It has an interesting, although irrevocable, plot line:


    After being hit by a car while apprehending a murderer in 2008, Det. Sam Tyler (Jason O’Mara) regains consciousness to find himself working as a detective in the 1970s.

    So Sam is back in the 1970s.  This is the premise of the entire series and what I mean by “irrevocable”.  What happens when Sam returns to modern day?  Does that even happen, or is the main character (and in turn the viewer) constantly taunted–episodal-cliffhanger after episodal-cliffhanger–of his return to normal life?  Shows like this tend to start strong but then fizzel and drone on and on.  All the producers really have going for them is that hopefully viewers get hooked on the characters.

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    Sunday Blues

    by on Nov.30, 2008, under Random Stuff

    Do you get the Sunday Blues?  …waking up, after staying up way too late Saturday night, you rise and look toward the clock to receive your fate:

    4:12 PM

    Great.  Your head begins spinning with all the things you’ve been putting off since Friday (or since this was a holiday weekend, Wednesday) that you have to do before the bright-shiny Monday morning ahead.  So much to do, you don’t want to do any of it…

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    [PIC] Stupidest Message Box Ever?

    by on Nov.09, 2008, under Random Stuff



    Is it just me, or does this not make any sense?

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