How I Bastardize Stuff

Using the Rating System in iTunes to Prune Hated Tracks

by on Dec.05, 2008, under How I Bastardize Stuff

Do you really need 5 stars to rate anything?  Maybe I’m too all-or-nothing, but either I like something, I really like something, or I don’t like it at all.

I have an iPod and use iTunes (although I’ve been using SongBird a lot more lately).   I’ve been using those extraneous stars to wade through the 7,000+ tracks in my library and get rid of the stuff I don’t want to hear.

Ever download a CD for a wife, nephew or niece–something you would never listen to?  …maybe it was even a compilication, which has now has entwined itself within your folder structure beyond repair?  Or maybe you really like a single song by an artists so you download their own discography in hopes there will be more music you like?  …This is what I do to get rid of them:

  • Star = Delete every things from this artist.
  • StarStar = Uncheck track in iTunes, removing it from play rotation.
  • StarStarStar = I like it.
  • StarStarStarStar = I really like it.
  • StarStarStarStarStar = Com’mon, nothing is really worth 5 stars.
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How I Bastardize Stuff

by on Dec.04, 2008, under Blog Related, How I Bastardize Stuff

I’m introducing a new category called “How I Bastardize Stuff”.

Bastardization is a programming term; unable to find a definition for it in this context, I will attempt to define my own.

bas’tard·i·za’tion (-t?r-di-za’sh?n) n.

    1. To use something for other than its intended purpose.
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