The Best Time Tracking App for Windows

by on Oct.25, 2011, under Other Posts

I’ve been using Rachota religiously since 2007. Perfect for someone who works on multiple requests throughout the day, constantly jumping between them (due to walk-ups, instant messages, phone calls).

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  • Jiří Kovalský

    Thanks for this wonderful comment on SLeepdepD! Your post brought 506 new visitors to Rachota Timetracker website.
    How are you satisfied with Rachota? What’s the most annoying bug you have to face? And what new feature would you like to see implemented?

    Best regards,

    Jiri Kovalsky
    Rachota Timetracker Developer

  • SLeepdepD

    You’re welcome! I’m something of a Rachota evangelist to my peers and colleagues.

    I haven’t found any bugs. The only idea I have for improvement is the ability to edit entries of days past. I’ve found myself reviewing entries for the the past week and noticed I could have described a project better, or the following day I have some additional information about the request that would be good to have attached to the record. I’m guessing you disable this functionality to preserve historical accuracy. Perhaps an Admin-mode would be a work-around for this.

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