Installing WallWatcher on Windows Home Server

by on Dec.10, 2010, under Technology

Here are some notes about installing WallWatcher on Windows Home Server:

  1. Don’t install; there is no install, just extract the program files and libraries.
  2. Don’t put on the C:\ drive
    • In case you have to re-install Windows Home Server put the WallWatcher files on another drive instead.  I created a “Program Files” folder on my D:\ drive and put them in there.
  3. Configure WallWatcher to store log files to a Shared Folder you can access from another computer.
  4. Setup WallWatcher to run as a service using srvstart.exe.
    1. Close WallWatcher application.
    2. Put “srvstart.exe” and “srvstart.dll” in a folder called “srvstart” in D:\Program Files.
    3. Create an INI file named “srvstart.ini” in “D:\Program Files\WallWatcher”.  Paste in the following:

      startup=D:\Program Files\WallWatcher\WallWatcher.exe
      startup_dir=D:\Program Files\WallWatcher

    4. Go to Start > Run.  Enter the following:

      “D:\Program Files\srvstart\srvstart.exe” install WallWatcher -c “D:\Program Files\WallWatcher\srvstart.ini”

    5. Go to Start > Run.  Enter the following:


    6. Locate the new “WallWatcher” service.  Right-click and select Properties.

    7. Select “Automatic” for Startup Type and click Start.  Click OK.

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