Using WallWatcher with DD-WRT

by on Oct.13, 2010, under Technology

I just installed WallWatcher on my Linksys54G router running DD-WRT.

I recommend setting up static IP address for MAC address the computer you’re installing DD-WRT on, if you haven’t already.

Settings needed in DD-WRT:

Services tab, Services sub-tab:

SNMP section:

SNMP: Enable
Location: Unknown
Contact: root
Name: dd-wrt
RO Community: public
RW Community: private

System Log section:

Syslogd: Enable
Remote Server: [IP address of the computer you’re installing WallWatcher on]

Security tab, Firewall sub-tab:

Log Management section:

Log: Enable
Log Level: High

Settings needed in WallWatcher Options:

Router tab:

Router: DD-WRT

Bandwidth tab:

Collect bandwidth usage: checked
From: snmp
Every: 30 sec (you can change this if you’d like)

SNMP OID’s section:

Community: public


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