HP Mini 1000 (1120NR): Week 3

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve got my HP Mini 1000 (1120NR) FedEx’d in the mail.  Here’s what I think so far:

Tweaks I’ve Already Performed

Synaptic Package Manager – Although not in the Harbour desktop menu, it is installed on the computer.  It can be assessed from the Run Command windows (ALT+F2) by typing “synaptic”.

GSynaptic – I installed this application to turn off the “tap” feature on the touch pad.

Gnome-RDP – One of the reason I decided to buy a netbook over a traditional laptop is that I don’t need another computer.  I have–and probably will always have–a nice desktop computer.

What Doesn’t Work

Dashboard Mail – It still says “Not Configured” even through I’ve followed the directions and set up my e-mail account in Thunderbird.  I’ve posted questions on two forums (no response) and e-mailed HP Support about it.  Their response thus far has been “we’ll look into it”.

Firefox add-ons – Although the computer is Ubuntu 8.04 with Firefox, when I go to Tools > Add-ons, this is what I see:


I can still install add-ons by going to, but this helpful integration menu doesn’t appear to work.

Firefox Version – Since all the Linux software comes from HP’s Linux repositories, getting the 3.0.6 update was a little late.

Overall Likes

Size – It sure is compact.  Looking at it, closed sitting on a table, one might think it’s one of those things you put your credit card so the waiter can go swipe it.

Overall Dislikes

Size – It sure is compact.  It’s taking a little bit of getting used to.  Although the keyboard is 92% a regular laptop keyboard, when you’ve only been typing on a couple sizes of keyboard for 20 years, it takes a little getting used to.  After two weeks though I’m no longer hitting TAB with my pinky when it’s going to A.

Performance – I’m a serious multitasker and have noticed a little lag when I’m remoted to two different computers and have 7 Firefox tabs open–but nothing bad.

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