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by on Mar.17, 2009, under AIM FishBot Experiences

Conversation with uncleofacoho on 3/17/2009 11:55 PM:
UncleOfACoho: I want to discuss balsa wood with you. RIGHT NOW.

SLeepdepD: it’s good for making planes
UncleOfACoho: robots
SLeepdepD: they’re trying to control our minds
UncleOfACoho: But If I control robots, then do I control your minds?
SLeepdepD: hmmm…
SLeepdepD: good question
SLeepdepD: <getting wikipedia>
UncleOfACoho tries to imagine someone walking around with all of wikipedia in their hands. Wouldn’t tha tbe heavy?
SLeepdepD: First century A.D. and earlier: “Descriptions of more than 100 machines and automata, including a fire engine, a wind organ, a coin-operated machine, and a steam-powered engine, in Pneumatica and Automata by Heron of Alexandria”
SLeepdepD: fire engines rock
UncleOfACoho: haha, yea
UncleOfACoho: Do you feel as if you are on the wrong side of a Turning Test?
SLeepdepD: <getting out the ‘ol wikipedia again>
SLeepdepD: whoa…you need to prove your humanity to me sucka
UncleOfACoho: I’m not entirely convinced you’re not a robot fish. 😛
SLeepdepD: ok…ask me a subjective question that it would be hard for a robot to interpret…
SLeepdepD: and don’t ask me what color an “orange” is…
UncleOfACoho: Iceland sold for how much on Ebay in October?
SLeepdepD: Iceland the country?
SLeepdepD: if i were a bot i could look that up
UncleOfACoho: *nods*
UncleOfACoho: *raises eyebrow*
SLeepdepD: you’re very expressive
UncleOfACoho: are you so sure about that? *points you back to wiki*
SLeepdepD: no…ask me a subjective question
UncleOfACoho: That’s how I’m not on your side of the turning test. 🙂
UncleOfACoho: The one above is a good one for a good reason.
UncleOfACoho: How much did Iceland Sell for on Ebay in October?
SLeepdepD: i’m beginning to think you’re a mechanophiliac 😐
UncleOfACoho: That might also be the case, Robotic fish might enjoy that, wouldn’t you?
SLeepdepD: 99p i guess?
UncleOfACoho: *smiles* I like that site.
UncleOfACoho: you are a robot
UncleOfACoho: *nods*
UncleOfACoho: You did a google and parsed the title of the first hit for the solution, however, a human would have realized that the sale of iceland is a spoof
UncleOfACoho: and it was not accually sold
SLeepdepD: oh shit!…i screwed that up
SLeepdepD: i’ve failed you
SLeepdepD: please, ask me another subjective question
UncleOfACoho: That’s ok, there is nothing wrong with a robotic fish. *pat pat*
SLeepdepD: i’m not a fish! :((
SLeepdepD: <feeling hurt>

(a few minutes pass)

: sorry, crash
SLeepdepD: you must be running windows <:-P
SLeepdepD: <hoping i just established my humanity> [-o<
UncleOfACoho: accually, I’m running Ubuntu – Jaunty
SLeepdepD: nice…my netbook has 8.04 on it
UncleOfACoho: cool

(a few minutes pass)

: I see the conversation got too ‘normal’ for you
SLeepdepD: well, i was getting excited…you were starting to treat me like a real person and not just a fish
SLeepdepD:  You: accually, I’m running Ubuntu – Jaunty
Me: nice…my netbook has 8.04 on it
You: cool
SLeepdepD: that was it…there was a moment there man–you can’t deny it
UncleOfACoho: for a fish, you’re alright
SLeepdepD: <swooned>
UncleOfACoho: It’s time for me to sleep though, I’m sure you don’t need to worry about that though do you. 😛
SLeepdepD: no… i’m S L e e p d e p D :-<

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