XV6900 Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 (plus GPS)

by on Jan.24, 2009, under Technology

I have the Verizon Wireless XV6900 (also called HTC Touch or HTC Vogue).  It’s a compact, full touch screen phone running Windows Mobile 6.  A couple of months ago I started hearing about Windows Mobile 6.1.  Newer Verizon phones were being released with it and Spirit (among others) were offering firmware updates for their verison of the same HTC phone.  What about me?

One of the reasons I chose to purchase the phone was because it has integrated GPS.  Shortly after getting the phone, I found out that Verizon disables it because they want people to use–and pay for–their VZ Navigator service.  I found a few forums were users were talking about how to bypass this with hacked firmware versions, however it seemed like a lot of the posts included things like “the GPS is working great! …but now I’m not getting TXT messages and the phone is freezing randomly!”  Updating the firmware of any device scares the crap out of me; if anything goes wrong, you can always end up bricking it.

Last week I finally found the official Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade.  I knew it was official because on the Verizon Wireless XV6900 support page there’s a Downloads section which has a link to PCD–who I guess is responsible for hosting the update.  I updated the firmware successfully.  Thanks to, I learned about a fix for the GPS.  The post says it’s for the XV6800 (and it is) but this same update also works on the XV6900 flawlessly.

In the process I found out about a great and free little program for Windows Mobile called GPSToday from GeoTerrestrial.  Since enabling the GPS, I’ve tried a few “social networking”-esk location sharing programs/websites (Ipoki being the best looking one), but wasn’t really impressed with any of  them.  They look promising, just not yet.  I also was drawn into a lengthy thread concerning the XV6900 that’s actually from November 2008, when the “official” firmware was “leaked”.

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  • Lester Sconyers

    Hello SLeepdepD. Thanks for getting me pointed in the right direction for the 6.1 download. I have an xv6900 also. I’m pretty new to smartphones in general so forgive me if my next question is a no brainer. I’m interested in the GPS technology and I’m wondering if it works like traditional GPS, relying on satellites or does it rely on the phone’s internet connection?

    Basically, I need to know if I can use the GPS techno when I have no signal strength and without the internet. Thanks in advance.

    • SLeepdepD

      I don’t know a lot about the whole thing, just what I’ve gathered from scanning forum posts trying to get GPS working on my phone.

      From my understanding, aGPS, or Assisted GPS, uses a combination of the GPS in the phone and data from an online source to quickly determine your position. I believe there are basically 4 modes in the XV6900 which are configurable in the registry. From what others have said, your position can be determined without a data connection, however it’s much slower. Everything I’ve learned has come from two great sources: and Both sites seem to be just full of people doing nothing all day but hard resets on their phones and installing hacked firmware 🙂

  • Greg


    I am interested in your solution for the GPS on the xv6900.

    Was it the download upgrade for the XV6800? Their are two M1 and m2.

    • SLeepdepD

      I’m not sure. There is a Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the XV6900 available off of a link on Verizon’s page for the phone here. From, it was the GPS fix for the XV6800.

      Since I first did this, the “fix” has stopped working due to the aGPS server going down/being blocked or something. Unfortunately, after installing the Valhalla server a registry fix is required. There’s a really long thread about the issue here; and the particular fix that worked for me is the one here.

      Even more unfortunate maybe is now, when I try to get to the forum, I’m receiving a 500 Internal error. Hopefully that gets resolved soon.

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