R.I.P. Yahoo Live

by on Dec.04, 2008, under Technology

R.I.P. Yahoo Live

Well, that’s it…  Yahoo! Live is officially “off-the-air“.

I used Yahoo! Live quite a bit–especially when it first came online.  The thing that was really neat about it was the social networking aspect; more than any of the other services doing similar things, Yahoo! Live really felt more like a virtual chatroom–and without avatars and polygons.  Since it was “an experiment” as they termed it, there were no ads and the performance was good.

I’m sure what killed it was they tried to cater to all audiences; having an unenforcable-T.O.S. turned their admins into hall monitors.

The best thing I got out of ylive was learning more trendy-Internet jargon…it made me feel young and hip.  …that and watching someone–live on the Internet–cover their face with a Sharpe marker and then wrap their head in duct tape.  If you never used it, here’s some of the stupidity you missed.

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