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I just installed Evernote and it is pretty!

Ever since getting hooked on FoxGLove, I’ve been using the Google apps more–one of which is Google Notebook.  I tend to keep pretty busy, so it’s nice to have an online place to keep track of my to-do’s.  I’ve started using Google Notebook for more than that though–like for things I learn and want to remember later.  Kind of a like a personal wiki–like Wiki on a Stick maybe. 🙂

(BTW: According to this article: “Google is contemplating killing off Google Notebook.”)

I don’t know if I will keep using Evernote, as it has a few deficiencies I don’t think I can live with.

  1. Evernote is yet another service that is kind enough to store whatever peronal information you’d like to post to their servers.  This doesn’t concern me so much as the fact that it doesn’t support SSL for transmission of the data–unless you pay a subscription fee.  There’s also a data transfer limit, which again, can be increased with a subscription fee.
  2. Worse than the above point, Evernote stores your data remotely and locally, (and has some kind of indexing feature that runs all the time BTW).  These database files it stores on your computer are unencrypted.

There sure are a lot of unique features that make it worth checking out though.

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