Comcast Intermittent Connectivity Issues

by on Dec.15, 2008, under Technology

Scap from Axence Free NetTools

Scap from Axence Free NetTools

I’ve been experiencing some …<timeout><timeout><timeout><55ms><52ms>… intermittent connectivity issues for the last few days.  I just called Comcast about it and a surprisingly helpful and articulate “customer account executive” suggested it may be that my 3+ year old cable modem is going out.  I figured stopping in at my local Comcast for a replacement is worth a try.

Out of the experience (and thanks to I have learned about Axence Free NetTools which is a awesome suite of tools for obsessing over your bandwidth and QoS.

UPDATE (2006-12-17 12:09 AM): Looks like a replacement cable modem fixed the problem.

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