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by on Dec.16, 2008, under Technology

I’ve closed my Evernote account.  I really like the product (desktop, web, and mobile implementations; screen captures, hand written notes, pictures, voice–and lots more) but I just wasn’t willing to pay for it.  As a free product, there’s a lot you can do, but there’s a bandwidth cap of 40 MB a month and no SSL.

So I’m back to using my phone, Outlook’s Tasks and Notes, and Google Notebook–which I really like anyways.

When I looked through the support system on their website I couldn’t figure out how to cancel my account, so I e-mailed them and received the following chain:

Evernote Support <> to me:

Please perform the following steps to close your Evernote account:

1) Delete ALL your notes online and then Empty the Trash. We have to be sure that this request comes from the actual content owner.

2) Reply to this email to confirm that you want your account closed.

Evernote Support

me to Evernote Support <>:

I have deleted all notes and emptied the trash.

Please close my account.  Thanks.

Evernote Support <> to me:


Your account has been closed.

Thank you
Evernote Support

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  • SLeepdepD

    This page has been getting some traffic lately, so I just thought I’d offer an update. With Google Notebook no longer being developed, I’ve taken another look at Evernote. The issues I noted above are still keeping me from really using it, but I have created another account and have it installed. I’m primarily using Outlook’s Notes for keeping track of factoids I wanted to remember.

  • StanDP.

    Yes well I have had little to no support from evernote creators, and getting my 300+ detailed evernote v3 notes BACK INTO Evernote v2+ (because evernote v3+ charges and has a cap on the amount of notes, and it’s so damn stupid You must logon ONLINE now its crap totally, they went a ruined a great fabulous program, but thats ok You know what I use now? I use:

    “Local WebPage Archiver” It does more than I needed Evernote to do, period. It settles ALL My concerns about documenting my web travels and keeping “ALL” Blogs and enteries I personally create!!! Check it out, it more than works for me and I use it ever day. WORD UP!; EnjoY Your PC Time(s), -=8^)~

    StanDP.~”Avid PC Enthusiast Since 1982…”

  • Rachel

    Which email address did you use to cancel your Evernote account? I can’t find an email address to cancel mine.

  • R

    Actually I don’t like evernote that much and I like the ff-integration! 🙂



    • SLeepdepD

      Evernote has a Firefox plug-in (if that makes any difference). I really like the ability with Evernote to quickly capture a note and be able to search for it later, but–particularly for work–I don’t like having all my notes online…especially since the free version of Evernote doesn’t use SSL to transmit its data.

      A very similar tool to Evernote–but offline–is Cinta Notes, which I have been using at work for some time. Another thing about Cinta Notes is that it is text-only.

  • Kevin

    Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for. (I tried out Evernote and didn’t like it because of limited storage, and the inability to access notes offline on my iPod touch.)

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