[ARTICLE] Coming soon: Comcast to offer a bandwidth meter

by on Dec.07, 2008, under Technology

From TechBlog:

Yesterday a Comcast insider informed us that Comcast, who implemented a 250GB monthly cap in October, will be offering users an online bandwidth usage tracking tool starting January 5. According to the source, the tool will retain up to three months of usage and track multiple MAC addresses, though not in real time (3 hour delay).


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  • T-Home

    The metering tool will keep its heavy use customers informed of their broadband usage. The cap of 250 gigs is a huge amount and I think many folks wont exceed this limit.

    • SLeepdepD

      For most people, it won’t–that’s true. I’m still waiting for the metering tool. According to their FAQ regarding excessive use, it’s still in the works…but it’s been in the works since I originally posted this blog entry. 🙂 Looks like they offer a free copy of McAfee for Comcast subscribers, which includes some kind of metering tool, but the last time I installed McAfee it all but took over my computer and was harder to uninstall than AOL. I’ve tried a few different free or open-source metering tools, however they only track the computer it’s installed on. With a desktop, netbook, XBox 360 and my wife’s computer, I really need something at the router or ISP level.

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