Ever Used ZabaSearch?

by on Nov.11, 2008, under Technology

ZabaSearch is one of those “free” people finders.  I say free in quotes because, like the rest of them, it’s really just a landing page offering you premium searches for your query:


Anyways, one of the “neat” features of ZabaSearch is that you can subscribe to be sent a notification e-mail any time someone does a search for your name.  Further, there’s kind of a message posting area for people trying to find other people.  I say neat in quotes because the other day, out of the blue, after having subscribed a couple years ago to be notified  if anyone was searching for me, I received the following e-mail 34 times in one day:

‘ OR 1=1 OR ”=’ was just searched in ZabaSearch in All 50 States

I’m not sure if they were hacked or just have some inept programmers there.  A friend of mine had never heard of the site before so I sent him a link.  “Wow, this site is kinda slow,” he said.  “Yeah, probably because they’re e-mailing everyone in their database 34 times.”


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